Key Terms Worksheet

Campaign Poster from United States presidential election, 1900 campaign of incumbent President William McKinley and his choice for second term Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt

Key Terms

Click on the term to find information and/or primary source documents for each concept.
From this information please write a 3-part definition for each term in your notes including:
1) Dates (exact or approximate, where applicable) and/or Key Figures
2) A short (one-three sentence) definition/summary of the term in your own words
3) An interesting quotation or fun fact that relates to the term

These notes will be essential for class participation and to study for the unit quiz.

1. Monroe Doctrine

2. Gilded Age

3. Progressive Era

4. Social Darwinism

5. Platt Amendment

6. “Big Stick” Diplomacy

7. Roosevelt Corollary

8. Imperialism

9. Dollar Diplomacy

10. Yellow Journalism